Welcome To Pampered Pets

If you have never used a pet sitter before, then you’re in for a surprise. If you are like most pet owners, you don’t like leaving your pets at a boarding facility, no matter how great the facility may be. We offer a better soultion to a kennel alternative in the Columbia area.It is still not HOME! Pampered Pets has been pet sitting in the Columbia SCĀ area since 2002 and we know what it takes to make your pet feel comfortable while you are away. . Some pets may adjust well at a boarding facility, but there are many pets that get stressed out and confused when they are not in their normal environment. Even after getting back home, it may take a few days for the pets to get back to their regular routine. We want to help those pets that may do better–Just Staying Home.

We realize that pets are a very important part of today’s family. They are not just “the dog” or “the cat”–they are our “furry kids.” We talk to them, we give them hugs and kisses, we feed them, we give them toys, we give them a place to sleep, and most of all, we give them LOVE! They are always there for us even when we are upset or in a grouchy mood. They love us unconditionally! So, if you think your pets would benefit emotionally and physically by using a pet sitter…Give us a try!!!!!

We currently offer our pet sitting services in Columbia, Rosewood, Shandon, Hampton hills, Downtown/USC area, Forest Acres, Hollywood-Rose Hill, Heathwood, and other areas around Columbia SC

I am looking forward to meeting you and your pets soon!